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Your art email list: NOT just another “newsletter”


We’ve been talking about promoting your work online.

Websites, social media, and now: your private email list.

And the #1 issue is the same:

You want to do it perfectly. So you never do it.

Remember our Rule of One when it comes to the business side of art?

Stay focused on one thing at a time to keep from burning out.

If you’re remaking your website or Instagram right now,

don’t stress about your email list today.

When you’re ready…

here’s what you’ll want to know:

Why Email? Isn’t Everyone on Instagram…?

Let’s say your following on social is starting to grow faster.


Social media offers one good way to nurture relationships “at scale”

(meaning, with the same amount of effort as 1-on-1 interactions).

So why do you even need an email list?

First, because the feeling of reading an email is more private, more intimate…

If you received this by email, you are reading these words – without 1,000 likes & comments.

It´s just you and me.

That is a powerful way to build trust.

And besides people liking your work – if you want them to buy they need to trust you.

Second, social media platforms and algorithms change.

Overnight, your followers might stop seeing your posts.

How would you reach them then?

Your private email list belongs to you alone.

It’s one of the most valuable assets for your art business.

And done right, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

special delivery

Not a “Newsletter”

A hand-lettered envelope stands out in your mailbox.

Same with e-mail.

No one cares about “newsletters.”

But an exclusive peek into your sketchbook?

Or a unique offer not available through your website or social?

Well, that’s more interesting.

And only available to members of your private list.

So forget blogging or writing long social media posts.

Save your best stuff for your email list,

OR prioritize sharing with your email list first,

as enticement for your followers to sign up.

The Perfect Email Strategy

You don’t want to screw it up.

And you know you should send out emails consistently,

So you’re waiting for the perfect time:

>> when you have time to write a bunch of emails at once…

>> after you have something to announce…

>> when you feel inspired to do it…

Reality check:

If you don’t follow through on your ideal plan,

it’s of no use to you.

The best plan for you is the one you actually do.

Consistency matters much more than “perfect”.

If you’ve reached out to your subscribers the right way,

they will want to hear from you.

Make clear what they can expect, and how often.

Then just do your best to provide that.

As with art techniques, you’ll get better with practice.

I Never Know What to Write

Our partner FASO published some great ideas on this last month.

Some of our favorites:

  • Inspiration. Pick great art, then share a genuine reflection — something deeper than you would on social media.
  • Show Announcement. Include a line or two just for your subscribers, to make them feel ‘in the know.’
  • Process Story. With progress shots, explore how the piece evolved. Offer your subscribers the first chance to purchase.


If you don’t let people know they can buy your work…

… they won’t buy your work.

Of course, you need to do it with grace and tact.

Because you’re not selling cars or sneakers — you’re selling fine art.

It is very doable.

Our coaching students sell artworks through email.


… single …

… month.

What if you could sell even one work through email every month?

How would your art career change?

At ProfessionalArtist.com, we send more than 100,000 emails every month.

And we built our list from zero — using the same techniques we teach.

Very often, when artists join our program,

they don’t know if what they’re sending out is done right.

(When they’re not getting results — that’s because it isn’t.)

Have you ever emailed your list and heard crickets in response?

Or do you feel stuck about how to start (or start again)?

Are you afraid to pester people and have them unsubscribe?

What if you had a detailed video audit of your next few messages to your list,

with examples of exactly what to change to get more sales?

If you would like to work with us and get this degree of handholding,

the first step is to apply now for a clarity call with us.

Here is what will happen after you book a time slot:

> You’ll answer a few brief questions in your application

> If you get a seat, we’ll go over your situation and address any blind spots.

> At the end of the call, if it’s a fit for us to work together, we’ll share details of what that looks like (only for artists who we’re convinced we can help get results)

Want to check your email in the morning to find you sold artwork while you slept?

Want help finding the right words to open new doors in your art career?

It’s time to stop putting this off.

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