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The Professional Artist Association is a global organization that promotes real world education for visual artists: painters, sculptors and fine art photographers.

We are a certified “Education and Vocational Training” organization, defined as “instruction aimed at acquiring or updating knowledge for vocational purposes”.

We are self-funded, focused on the needs of our audience (tens of thousands of artists), and provide world-class training from leading arts professionals.

Our mission is to empower visual artists to make a living with their art skills so that they can bring light to the world.

We are committed to driving continuous education through:

Whole Brain Thinking

We know that in order for art to thrive, it needs both head and heart. Our philosophy is one of empowering artists with the thinking frameworks to take control of their careers, instead of waiting to be discovered.

World-class Advice

In the era of the Internet, there is no reason to learn from anyone but the best. We have high filters for who we bring on board.

Positive-Sum Value

We believe in a world of more than enough, where artists can carve out their own path without depending on hand-outs. We believe price is what you pay, but value is what you get. Artists create enormous value and we help them teach others to see what they see. This perspective of positive-sum creation of value empowers artists to charge for their services and artworks with full integrity.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Most artists have to quit because they are not able to make a living with their art.

We are on a mission to fix this.


Education systems are not educating artists to thrive - most have to quit.


To be the world’s business school for artists.


To educate artists to make a full time living so they can bring light to the world.


Student Obsessed

What’s best for the student is what’s best for everyone.


Laser Focused on One Thing

Keep the main thing the main thing, eliminate distraction.


Top Standards

World-class, #1, every single detail at the highest standard.


Simple is beautiful

Turn complexity into simplicity, move fast, get to the essence.


Respectful & Professional

We communicate with each other and our students impeccably.


Crystal Clear Thinking

Reason from first principles, use evidence, test and iterate.


Take Ownership

Commit fully, find problems, solve them, get things done.


Forever Improving

Feedback is a gift, be objective, separate relationship & facts.


Question Everything

Ask why and disregard who said it, in pursuit of the truth.


Build Beauty

The world is a better place thanks to the quality of our work.

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Our Art World Experts Have Been Featured In:

Sold over $25,000 in artworks over just three months.

Shreya Mehta

Got gallery representation when all seemed lost.

Steve Munro

Earned $2,950 in her first month teaching online.

Sally Strand

Meet the Faculty

Miguel Mayher

Founder & Chief Instructor

Mindset & Business Strategy for Artists

Rosalind Davis

Artist-Curator & Author of "What Thet Didn't Teach You In Art Schol"

Groups Shows with Artists You Admire

Jason Horejs

Gallery Owner & Author of "How To Sell Art"

Getting Gallery Representation

Dina Brodsky

Social Media Influencer, Artist & Curator

Instagram for Your Artist Career

Elaine Grogan Luttrull

Author of "Arts & Numbers"

Multiple Income Streams for Artists

Vicki Krohn Amorose

Author of "Art-Write"

Everything you will every need to write

Rafael Hoekstra, Phd


Online Workshops, Website, Email, NFTs

Anibal Luque

Lawyer for Artists

Demystifying Legal Documents for Visual Artists

Gigi Rosenberg

Author of "The Artist's Guide to Grant Writing"

Grant Writing & Networking

Welcome to the decentralized world

Our headquarters is in Ireland and registered as a "vocational exempt business", defined as “instruction relating aimed at acquiring or updating knowledge for vocational purposes”.

Our team is distributed through the Americas, Europe & Asia Pacific.