Stop pitching, start collaborating


Art Marketing is a numbers game…

“I’ve tried that, and it didn’t work for me.”

Said a candidate to our Professional Artist Accelerator program on the phone.

Whenever we hear that we like to dig a bit deeper.


When it comes to execution in the business side of your art…

…the devil really is in the details.

Two main ways to get it wrong:

  1. Poor attention to detail (eg. poorly written email)
  2. Not enough times

If you ONLY fixed one, which do you think is most likely to lead you to success?

It is #2.

Artists that try marketing their work once, or twice, of three times… and then stop…

They don’t understand it is a numbers game.

Now, granted, if you try 100 times and you still don’t get results then there is no glory in repeating what doesn’t work.

You need to change your approach.

But rarely do we see artists get to that point.

More often than not it goes something like this:

1) Send email to an interior designer
2) Refresh your inbox the next 3 days hoping for an answer
3) Feel disappointed or angry for receiving no reply… go back to the studio to make art

Well, no surprise.

Even if you had a perfectly crafted email proposal (which 99% don’t – they write self-centered long winded emails) you are losing out on 80% of success if you stop there.

  • You must follow up at least 3 times.
  • And follow up through different channels (social media, phone, etc.)
  • And repeat that same approach to at least 30 candidates.

Geek Note: “30” is what makes it statistically significant and allows you to make a reasonably confident decision that your approach is not working – there is math behind that number that you can research if interested, or you can just take our word 🙂

Now of course, sending 30 emails to interior designers and hearing crickets is demoralizing. You want to avoid that scenario.

That is why attention to detail matters as well:

  • who to send it to,
  • EXACTLY what to say,
  • and how to follow up.

Meet our student Sieglinde to see what the right success mindset looks and feels like:

Sieglinde trusted our blueprints and executed.

It led her to collaborations, galleries and sales in under six months.

If you watch the video you will see it’s not luck
– she was persistent with the right approaches.

As she says… “if I can do it, you can do it too”.

And if you want our help with those elements… then let’s talk.

After a long summer hiatus we are opening slots again for our free clarity calls.

Here is what will happen when you apply to book a time slot:

> You’ll answer a few brief questions in your application
> If you get a seat, we’ll go over your situation and address any blind spots.
> At the end of the call, if it’s a fit for us to work together, we’ll share details of what that looks like (only for artists who we’re convinced we can help get results)

Want to receive step by step guidance on how to find interior designers near you?

Want word for word tested emails to propose them to sell your work to their clients?

It’s time to stop putting this off.

Apply to book your clarity call (limited spots available this week).

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  1. Hi.. I'm biginer artist mostly doing abstract painting and I loved to express to many diferent aspects of the art works and I don't really now what direction should take in my artist journey coz I fell ready for the next step and just duno what way or what to do really I'm hoping u can help me or advice me in this case and I'm looking forward to hear from u. Ur syncerly Marcela

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