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  • My art income is unpredictable from month to month
  • I am running out of space due to unsold inventory
  • My art is not getting the visibility it deserves online or offline
  • I wonder how other artists have grown huge audiences
  • Teaching online sounds great but the tech overwhelms me
  • I’m not sure how to get represented by reputable galleries
  • Perhaps it’s too late… is there an audience for my work today?

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Beware of those who claim to “know it all”. And good luck trying to be that yourself!. You are a visual artist -- not a writer, marketer, or technologist. So we put a team of domain experts to mentor you.

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In the age of the Internet, there is no reason to settle for second best. We curate the authors, influencers, and overachievers in the art world that only celebrity artists tend to have access to.

Understanding the truth about the Art World can be tricky. Let us guide you through the process.

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We understand… you would rather not have to think about the business of art.

You want to make meaningful art that gets recognized and earns you a great living.

You don't want to waste hundreds of hours learning soulless marketing gimmicks.

Let us take that burden off your plate, and show you a clear path forward.

Sold over $25,000 in artworks over just three months.

Shreya Mehta

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Five Steps to Start & Grow the Business Side Of You Art

Step 1

Give a professional impression.

It only takes three seconds to be judged an amateur -- avoid red flags.

Step 2

Share your art skills for a fee.

The fastest way to earn a steady monthly art income by working one day per week.

Step 3

Grow an audience of art buyers.

Avoid the boom & bust cycles of art show sales by selling your art directly to collectors.

Step 4

Get featured in others’ audiences.

Free exposure in magazines, podcasts & newsletters that resonate with your work.

Step 5

Get gallery representation.

A systematic way to get multiple galleries selling your most expensive works.

Get the sales & exposure you deserve...

  • Reputable galleries represent you (and sell your work)
  • A growing online audience that buys from you every month
  • Featured in the media on an ongoing basis
  • Predictable full time income from teaching 1x/week online
  • Knowing you can keep making art for the rest of your life
  • Contributing to your family household
  • Making meaningful artwork that gets the visibility it deserves


  • Another year (or decade) passing you by with little to show for it
  • Wasting hundreds of hours reading random, disconnected advice
  • Another month without getting paid for your hard earned art skills