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Go From "Sporadic" To "Consistent" Art Income In The Next 12 Months (with 1:1 Accountability)

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"Your coaching has helped me go from 5 figures to over 6 figures"

Cindy Briggs

“If you want to be a professional fine artist... this is is for you, this is the best investment you will ever make in your life" (>$10,000+ months)

Alex Bauwens

“I was offered the solo show, in an upscale gallery in a wealthy zip code... and yesterday I sold my most expensive artwork in 20 years.”

Sieglinde Van Damme

3 Common Mistakes Fine Artists Make That Prevent Them From Creating A Sustainable Art Income

  • MISTAKE #1 - They think they need to “get more exposure”... but what they really need is exposure to the *right* audiences: those who not only LIKE their work - but actually BUY it.
  • MISTAKE #2  - They try to figure it all out by themselves instead of getting expert mentorship in the areas they know nothing about. Causing their art income to stagnate.
  • MISTAKE #3 - They fear that by focusing on the business side, their art will take a back seat and they’ll be stuck in front of a computer all day doing “marketing stuff”.

There's a strong chance you're struggling with
one or more of the following challenges

Your sales are sporadic and unpredictable

You're exhausted from doing everything on your own

You have no clear direction or plan, so you end up just freezing or procrastinating

People tell you “Oh you’re so talented”... but then, they don’t buy your art.

You fear spending too much time marketing your work and not having enough to create your art.

By Becoming Part Of The Art Business Coaching Program and Creating Your Own Art Income Tripod© You Will…

Create a predictable and recurring income source that covers all your lifestyle costs.

Get your artwork seen & sold online before you even sign them. No commission for a middle person is needed.

Create collaborations where galleries, interior designers, and online media only get paid once they sell your most expensive artwork.

The Art Income Tripod ™

Tired of the boom & bust cycles of irregular art income? Our unique approach brings you stability so that you can live life on your terms.

# 1) Recurring Art Income 1x / week

What: Teaching or coaching online just one session weekly for min time & max $

Why: Predictable and recurring income source covers all your lifestyle costs

How: Proven website template, outreach emails & workshop offer

Where: online or in person
# 2) Art-buyers Audience Income 1x / month

What: 10x your email, Instagram followers, and exposure

Why: Get your artworks seen & sold before you even sign them - no middle person

How: Grow an audience of art buyers & offer them to own your artwork in a way that makes them feel special with the Triple Waterfall Technique.

Where: online
# 3) Custom Collaborations Income 1x / quarter

What: get galleries, interior designers and online media selling for you

Why: they will sell your most expensive artworks and only get paid if they get results.

How: business owners who have your ideal collectors in their customer list promote your most expensive work - only getting paid if successful.

Where: online or in person

Note: you can choose to implement only 2 of the 3 art income sources, but we recommend all 3.

the P.A.A. process

1. Request Program Brochure

Get a free copy of our program brochure so you can see exactly what is in store for you, in full detail (including investment amount).

2. Submit Application

Five questions to clarify your goals and confirm we can actually help you.

3. Admissions Interview

If you make it to the final step, we'll have a call to confirm we are the right fit to work together. Admissions verdict within 48h.

the P.A.A. Difference

Get the kind of handpicked advisory team that only celebrity artists have access to

-- because there is no one "guru" that knows it all.

Here's how it works

Custom Coaching
The most personalized art business coaching program in the world

Interactive Custom Roadmap

Based on your goals, we create a custom step by step roadmap to achieve them. Know exactly what you need to do at the start of each week, execute with our help the brief video trainings assigned to you, and see your progress accelerate like never before.

Dedicated 1:1 Art Business Coach

You'll be working one on one with a certified Art Business Coach. Not only will they answer any question you have 5 days a week as you go through your roadmap, but they will also keep you on track and motivated with video replies. Need one on one office hours? Available every week. No longer a lonely journey!

Expert Live Q&A Calls

Four times a month we hold live Q&A calls with our faculty of domain experts: curators, Instagram influencers, gallery owners. We don’t move to the next student until you are fully clear. You can also pre-submit your question and watch the recorded answer at your convenience.

Full access to ALL our trainings

We give you full access to The Professional Artist MBA, The Fine Artist Summit, Money Mastery for Visual Artists, Get Paying Students Online, and Coaching Calls Vault Extended (over 100 hours of post-produced coaching Q&A calls). In other words, everything you need to succeed.

The Professional Artist Association is a global organization that promotes real world education for visual artists: painters, sculptors and fine art photographers.

We are a certified “Education and Vocational Training” organization, defined as “instruction aimed at acquiring or updating knowledge for vocational purposes”.

Our Mission Is To Empower Visual Artists To Make A Living With Their Art Skills So That They Can Bring Light To The World.

Our faculty has been featured in or worked with...

Artist Results

“I have a good coach that helps me make more money, but it is not just about money, it is about living the real life, the life that I dreamed of, the life that I wanted, the life that I need.” (Tripled typical month income)

Lili Flore

“Two weeks after changing prices I sold two paintings for $3,600”

Jack Providenti

"$8,000 in sales in the first 8 weeks"


Meet Your Advisors

(Because no one “guru” has all the answers)

Rosalind Davis

Artist-Curator & Author

Networking & Self-curated Group Shows

Jason Horejs

Gallery Owner & Author

Getting Gallery Representation & Successful Sales Interactions

Dina Brodsky

Social Media Influencer, Artist & Curator

Growing Your Instagram Followers for Your Artist Career

Rafael Hoekstra, Phd


Online Workshops, Website, Email, NFTs

Extended Faculty

We invested almost $100,000 researching & commissioning step by step blueprints - so you don’t have to.

Miguel Mayher

Ex-Partnerships for Google Arts & Culture

Mindset & Business Strategy for Artists

Gigi Rosenberg

Author of The Artist's Guide to Grant Writing

Grant Writing & Networking

Anibal Luque

Lawyer for Artists

Demystifying Legal Documents for Visual Artists

Elaine Grogan Luttrull

Author of "Arts & Numbers"

Multiple Income Streams for Artists

Paul Dorrell

Gallerist & Author of Living the Artist's Life

Creative Financing: from patrons to bartering

Vicky Krohn Amorose

Author of "Art-Write: The Writing Guide for Visual Artists"

Everything You Will Ever Need to Write as an Artist

You could pretend...

You’ve never read any of the information on this page... bury your head in the sand... and convince yourself you will, one day, figure it all out by yourself. But do you really want…

  • The stress of not knowing where your future art sales are coming from?
  • Feel overwhelmed and burnt out because you’re doing everything on your own?
  • Experience a financial roller coaster every month because you don't have a stable Art Income Tripod?
  • Waste months, years, or even another decade figuring out how to run the business side of your art and feel constantly confused about what to do?

Now you know there's another way

A way build your very own Art Income Tripod© that will add an extra $£€ 5,000 to your monthly income within the next 12 months.

Click the button below and get yourself booked in for a free, brief, and informal chat with one of our art business consultants.

You'll share what you’re looking to achieve as an artist and why you feel getting help now is right for you.

Based on what you share, we’ll either invite you to a deeper consultation and share how it would look like to work with us, or recommend an alternative option. 

(Please note: we only select 15 artists to join us every month due to the high-touch nature of our program.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need to go through the program? Busy months ahead...

To achieve a new specific result every week, expect to dedicate at least 5 hours per week.

If you can't carve out 5 hours per week then this program is not for you.

This includes times when you will be on holidays, need to rest and renew, or get distracted.

You have half a year's time to go through your roadmap and achieve the transformation you want.

We want you to be successful, and the whole program is oriented toward taking step-by-step action.

Is the content geared more toward US artists, or is it applicable worldwide?

The program has been designed for a global audience.

We have instructors in Asia and from Europe/UK.

Past students have come from Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, and many other countries.

Humans are humans. Artists are artists.

We give you frameworks that get results no matter where you live.

If you adjust them to your local culture, you will have an edge, but 95%+ work anywhere in the world.

Do I need to be tech-savvy?

No, you don’t.

We have had students who felt uncomfortable with technology but successfully followed our step-by-step workshops, lectures, and templates.

Whenever we talk about tech (such as your artist website or Instagram account), we explain it in easy terms and simplify the focus to the few critical things that matter.

That way, you can focus on just what you need to get results, and you don’t have to spend hours “figuring out” the tech.