Grow the business side of your art in 12 months more than the previous 12 years

Professional Artist Accelerator

4.9 (100+ ratings)

  • 12-month roadmap to reach your art income goal
  • 1:1 unlimited coaching at every step of the way
  • Weekly live Q&A: gallerist, curator, tech & influencer
  • Grow an audience that buys directly from you
  • Art sales by getting featured in others’ audiences
  • Expensive artwork sales by getting into galleries
  • Teach art online 1x/week for consistent revenue

Custom Roadmap Adjusted to Your Stage

The Goal

4 to 5 Figures Monthly Art Business

Course Length

12 Months

Course Format

1 : 1 Coaching

The Quick Summary:

  • What is it?

The Professional Artist Accelerator is a 12-month-long one on one coaching program for visual artists who are ready to level up their art income.

  • How does it work?

This program is 100% online and consists of a custom roadmap with step-by-step training videos, unlimited 1:1 email coaching with your certified art business coach, and weekly live Expert Q&As.

  • Why does it exist?

We created this program because people finishing our flagship course wanted ongoing support with implementation and accountability. So we looked at all art business coaching programs and designed from scratch a 10x better experience. Our student results speak for themselves.

  • When does it start?

Invitations to join are offered on a case by case basis throughout the year. The first step is to apply for a Clarity Call to see if we are a good fit. The application takes about 3 minutes to complete.

Who this course is for

Mid-career or Established Artist

You have “good” results, but not “great”. You hit a ceiling in your art income, or results are slowing down. So much is new, you are ready to get help to level up.

Transitioning Artist

You always dreamt about being an artist and are ready to make the jump from your current career - but you are lacking a proven step by step plan.

Emerging or Re-Emerging Artist

You are an ambitious artist with no time to waste, you want clear instructions to build your reputation and sell more work -- online and offline.

Our Faculty has been featured in or worked with...

Meet Your Advisors

(Because no one “guru” has all the answers)

Miguel Mayher

Director of Education, Ex-Partnerships for Google Arts & Culture

Online Workshops, Website Audits & Email List Growth

Rosalind Davis

Artist-Curator & Author

Networking & Self-curated Group Shows

Jason Horejs

Gallery Owner & Author

Getting Gallery Representation & Successful Sales Interactions

Dina Brodsky

Social Media Influencer, Artist & Curator

Growing Your Instagram Followers for Your Artist Career

Ana Blanco

Course Facilitator & Head of Art Business Coaching

Responsible for our average 95% satisfaction rating from our coaches.

Vicki Krohn Amorose

Author of "Art-Write"

Personal editing of your professional writings

Here's how it works

Custom Coaching
The most personalized art business coaching program in the world

Interactive Custom Roadmap

Based on your goals, we create a custom step by step roadmap to achieve them. Know exactly what you need to do at the start of each week, execute with our help the brief video trainings assigned to you, and see your progress accelerate like never before.

Dedicated 1:1 Art Business Coach

You'll be working one on one with a certified Art Business Coach. Not only will they answer any question you have 5 days a week as you go through your roadmap, but they will also keep you on track and motivated with video replies. No longer a lonely journey!

Expert Live Q&A Calls

Four times a month we hold live Q&A calls with our faculty of domain experts: curators, Instagram influencers, gallery owners. We don’t move to the next student until you are fully clear. You can also pre-submit your question and watch the recorded answer at your convenience.

Full access to ALL our trainings

We give you full access to The Professional Artist MBA, The Fine Artist Summit, Money Mastery for Visual Artists, Get Paying Students Online, and Coaching Calls Vault Extended (over 100 hours of post-produced coaching Q&A calls). In other words, everything you need to succeed.

The P.A.A. Difference

Get the kind of handpicked advisory team that only celebrity artists have access to -- because there is no one "guru" that knows it all.

the P.A.A. process

1. Clarity Call

45 minutes to clarify your goals, see if we can help, and confirm we are the right fit to work together.

2. Custom Roadmap

1 week to create your step by step action roadmap with instructional videos to reach your goal.

3. Continuous Coaching

12 months to transform the business side of your art forever - together.

Sample Content

Mindset sample

Business Mindset: when it helps, and when it can hurt you

Strategy sample

Sales Conversations:

Tactics sample

Instagram Banned Hashtags:

Here's what our students are saying

Our students aren't just satisfied, they have transformed the business side of their art..

"Best investment you'll ever make" (10 figures months)

Alex Bauwens

"Quit my weekend job"

Ash Darq

"I am my own boss" (tripled typical month income)

Lili Flore

"It's been a huge transformation"

Michael Kroetch

"One of the best decisions I've made" ($25,000 in art sales in just three months.)"

Shreya Mehta

"Advise tailored to my specific situation"

Ludovica Chamois

"Absolutely amazed at what I've achieved"

Heather Lewis

"First workshop launched and sold-out"

Lina Faroussi

"Closed $5K worth of commissions"


"Recommend this to anyone who is serious"

Laura Cramer

"Art world people, not just marketers"

Mandy Bankson

"More than doubled the projected goal"

Sally Strand

"A dream come true"

Sieglinde Van Damme

"The more I put into it, the more I got out of it"

Melissa Baron

"Now, not afraid to do it"

Beth Vendryes

"No experience needed"

Carol Updegrave

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Professional Artist MBA and Accelerator?

MBA is our flagship cohort based course.
Everyone goes through the same roadmap.
It is 8 weeks long with peer artists and does not offer access to our faculty.

ACCELERATOR is our one on one coaching program.
We create a custom roadmap to achieve your revenue goals.
It is 12 months long, you get assigned a certified art business coach with unlimited email coaching, and our faculty is available to answer your specific questions in 4 live Q&A calls every month.

How much time will I need to go through the program? Busy months ahead...

To achieve a new specific result every week, expect to dedicate 3 to 5 hours per week.

This includes times when you will be on holidays, need to rest and renew, or get distracted.

You have a full year's time to go through your roadmap and achieve the transformation you want.

We want you to be successful, and the whole program is oriented toward taking step-by-step action.

Is the content geared more toward US artists, or is it applicable worldwide?

The program has been designed for a global audience.

We have instructors in Asia and from Europe/UK.

Past students have come from Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, and many other countries.

Humans are humans. Artists are artists.

We give you frameworks that get results no matter where you live.

If you adjust them to your local culture, you will have an edge, but 95%+ work anywhere in the world.

Do I need to be tech-savvy?

No, you don’t.

We have had students who felt uncomfortable with technology but successfully followed our step-by-step workshops, lectures, and templates.

Whenever we talk about tech (such as your artist website or Instagram account), we explain it in easy terms and simplify the focus to the few critical things that matter.

That way, you can focus on just what you need to get results, and you don’t have to spend hours “figuring out” the tech.

I’m not sure if I’ve created enough artwork yet! Should I still join this program?

Chances are, you have been too busy with life and other work.

This program can help you fix that.

We will teach you how to structure your week and your days in a way that protects your art-making time, turning it into a consistent habit with a sustainable rhythm.

In the Professional Artist Accelerator, you’ll learn how many artworks you need and how they must relate to each other before you “put yourself out there”, whether you’re seeking gallery representation or creating your portfolio on your website.

This way, instead of coming up with excuses for why you are “not ready yet”, you will be able to create a realistic timeline for completing your body of work.

Apply for the Professional Artist Accelerator

Note: The first step is to apply for a free 45 minute clarity call.

In the call we will point out any blind spots in your art business, and if we are a good fit we will share the details of what it would look like to work together.

The application takes about 3 minutes to complete.