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Online or in-person workshops: Which is better?


Do you remember what you were up to a year ago?

Remember gallery openings, art fairs, going to museums…?

It’s still a little overwhelming to think about how much has changed.

And yet, in this unprecedented time,

you have new opportunities for you to share your art skills and get paid,

no matter where you live.

Perhaps you’ve thought about creating an online art class before.

But it felt too complicated:

> What should I teach? I need to plan out a whole curriculum…

> The tech part is too much to deal with.

> Who am I to be doing this, anyway? So many good teachers out there…

> Will people even want online classes once things get back to “normal”?

You wonder, Should I just wait and teach in person?

But that has its own challenges these days as well.

Meanwhile, you’d love to get some predictable art-related income,

To free up time to create, so you’re not depending on a draining day job.

Or even just make enough to cover your art-making expenses.

It is possible… and, it is possible for YOU.

A year ago, if you asked someone what Zoom was?

Most of the world would not have known.

Today, everyone from children to grandparents have regular Zoom meetings.

And teaching online is not too much more difficult than starting a video call.

Is teaching online better than in person?

Online art workshops hold a lot of advantages:

  • You can fit 5 or 25 students, regardless of the size of your studio
  • You’re not limited to students who happen to live nearby
  • There’s no commute, even if you’re teaching people in different countries!
  • You gain a huge pool of potential students: anyone whose schedule overlaps your time zone
  • You’ll save on fees for the classroom space
  • You won’t run into special insurance requirements or restrictions on materials
  • If speaking to groups is hard for you, presenting online may feel less intimidating
  • Cleanup is much easier 🙂
  • And, you can record your sessions and sell them for another fee–without having to show up live.

What’s better about teaching in person?

Despite all the great technology, there are still advantages for connecting in person.

  • It’s easier to guide someone when you can look over their shoulder and “hold their hand,” instead of being limited by the size of your screen
  • There’s no tech learning curve, and no distractions caused by technical issues
  • And, there is a perception that in-person instruction is more valuable and so it is easier to charge more per person (for those who have not tried online yet!)

Should I do both?

In 2021, it’s no longer a question of which format do you choose.

If you’re not teaching online…

you’re missing a huge opportunity for predictable creative income.

Our students who created online workshops discovered something interesting:

They enjoy it as much as teaching in person, if not more!

So if you worry about feeling weird or awkward teaching through a screen,

know that it goes away quickly.

It’s just as exciting as in person to watch your students learn and create!

Besides — believe it or not, some students end up preferring online to offline too!

Here’s a glowing review that one of our coachees received from their art workshop student:

A quick story from one of our students:

Portrait artist Anastasiya had taught in person for many years.

When the pandemic began, that income vanished.

She wasn’t sure what to do.

But a clarity call with our team changed that, in a big way.

And she made nearly $3,000 in 5 weeks by following the strategies we mapped out.

Click here to hear Anastasiya’s journey in her own words.

Apply for a free clarity call to learn how we can help with your workshop strategy.

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