“I discovered a whole new career for myself…”

(If you watch the video you’ll see Anastasiya applied the same marketing strategies we gave her to close an additional $5,000 in art commissions.)

This new module is now so popular that about half our new students focus their first month in our coaching program to kick-off a side income teaching online.

So what about you:

  • Have you been thinking about teaching online, yet haven’t earned $1 yet?
  • Have you been checking all sort of platforms trying to find “the right one”?
  • Are you idealizing a perfect curriculum but unsure if people want that?
  • Did you just announce it in your newsletter quietly, but only heard crickets?

Stop thinking of an online course, and start offering Zoom live teaching first.

And if you want our help to craft your offer, word by word scripts to get the word out, and hand holding to get your side income to $1,000+ in the first month, then apply for a clarity call with us below: