Carol filled her first Online Workshop by Facilitating Drawing + Meditation

What about you:- Are you relying on permission-based sources of income only?- If so, what are your plans to protect yourself if the gatekeepers fall down?- How long will it take for you to get your permission-less income up?It’s time to get to work.And if you’d love to have a plan you can confidently follow to start a new permission-less source of income from scratch, we can help. We’ll hold you by the hand to start and grow online creative workshops to 4 figures monthly in 30 days. You bring your art skill, we’ll bring the marketing and tech to make it happen:

  • Click here to apply for a free Strategy Session with us
  • You’ll answer a few brief questions about your art business
  • If you get a seat, we’ll audit your situation and point out your blind spots
  • If it sounds like we are a good fit then at the end we’ll share details of what it would look like for us to work together (we only invite artists we have conviction we can help get results)

Everything can change when you have the right plan.