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Here's what our students are saying

Our students aren't just satisfied, they have transformed the business side of their art..

"Best investment you'll ever make" (10 figures months)

Alex Bauwens

"Quit my weekend job"

Ash Darq

"I am my own boss" (tripled typical month income)

Lili Flore

"It's been a huge transformation"

Michael Kroetch

"One of the best decisions I've made" ($25,000 in art sales in just three months.)"

Shreya Mehta

"Advise tailored to my specific situation"

Ludovica Chamois

"Absolutely amazed at what I've achieved"

Heather Lewis

"First workshop launched and sold-out"

Lina Faroussi

"Closed $5K worth of commissions"


"Recommend this to anyone who is serious"

Laura Cramer

"Art world people, not just marketers"

Mandy Bankson

"More than doubled the projected goal"

Sally Strand

"A dream come true"

Sieglinde Van Damme

"The more I put into it, the more I got out of it"

Melissa Baron

"Now, not afraid to do it"

Beth Vendryes

"No experience needed"

Carol Updegrave

Do you want more examples of results achieved with our guidance?

"Successful limited edition print launch made £1500"

Kasia Clarke

"I got sales within the first week"

Atala Toy

"Pre-sold 6 before the show began and sold 21 works in total"

Julia Taylor

"First person who signed up for my art class paid in full: $1,100"

Ashwini Sadekar

"My profits are up 600% already and I'm nowhere near being finished"

Daniel Clark

"Sold 2 paintings for $3,600 at double the price"

Jack Providenti

"I paid a commission to the shop which was 25% and I still made nearly $5,000"

Joy Connell

"Teaching income alone went from $17,000 to $25,000 annually... and on target to at least double that this year ($50K+)"

Sandy McDermott

"In two weeks... more than $7,000"

Marisa White