Maryanne Pollock tells her story...

Maryanne reached out for help, she joined the Professional Artist MBA, and we started moving forward... together.

What about you?

Do you have an accountability partner that keeps you honest - or instead just a well-meaning friend who justifies your inaction to make you feel temporarily OK?

Do you have a coach keeps you focused - or are you constantly chasing the shiny new thing that makes you start from zero every few months?

If you don't have someone by your side, ask for help.

Offer to provide that accountability to someone else in exchange if necessary.

But make it a serious professional arrangement - this is your art career.

And if you want us to keep you accountable, then I want to offer you the chance to join us.

Apply for the Professional Artist MBA 2021 cohort.

You will answer a few questions
If it sounds like we can help, we'll invite you for a brief clarity call.
And if sounds like we are a good fit, your seat will be reserved 

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