Grow An Online Audience Of Art Buyers & Sell Your Work In Reputable Venues

Professional Artist MBA

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  • Speak & write about your work with confidence
  • Perfect your artist website for conversions
  • Build your email list of art lovers
  • 10x your Instagram following
  • Raise your profile by showing with artists you admire
  • Get gallery representation with a proven system
  • Become a prolific artist with consistent sales

Emerging, Re-emerging or Transitioning Artist

The Goal

Forever-sustainable art business

Course Length

8 Weeks

Course Format

Cohort Based Course

The Quick Summary:

  • What is it?

The Professional Artist MBA is an 8-week-long intimate workshop-style course for visual artists who are serious about making it as a professional artist, designed by a faculty of leading art professionals.

  • How does it work?

This course is 100% online and consists of short training videos, weekly live implementation workshops, and a private chat community for peer feedback.

  • Why does it exist?

To remedy the growing wave of “one stop shop marketing gurus” claiming to know it all about the Art World. We have invested years and close to six figures in producing the ultimate curriculum to flourish as an artist today.

  • When does it start?

The program dates are listed at the bottom of this page. The application takes about 9 minutes to complete.

Who this course is for

Emerging Artist

You are an ambitious emerging artist with no time to waste, you want clear instructions to build your reputation and sell more work.

Re-Emerging Artist

You’ve had to put your art on pause for years and finally have the time again -- but so much is new, you need help to catch up (eg. technology overwhelm).

Transitioning Artist

You always dreamt of being an artist and are ready to make the jump from your current career - but you are lacking a proven step by step plan.

Our Faculty has been featured in or worked with...

Meet the Faculty

(Because no one “guru” has all the answers)

Miguel Mayher

Director of Education, Ex-Partnerships for Google Arts & Culture

Mindset & Business Strategy for Artists

Rosalind Davis

Artist-Curator & Author

Group Shows with Artists You Admire

Jason Horejs

Gallery Owner & Author

Getting Gallery Representation

Dina Brodsky

Social Media Influencer, Artist & Curator

Instagram for Your Artist Career

Gigi Rosenberg

Author of The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing

How to talk about your art and yourself

Vicki Krohn Amorose

Author of "Art-Write"

Everything you will ever need to write

Guest Faculty

Ana Blanco

Course Facilitator & Head of Art Business Coaching

Former Director of the International Arts & Culture Group

Anibal Luque

Lawyer for Artists

Demystifying Legal Documents for Visual Artists

Ellaine Grogan Luttrull

Author of "Arts & Numbers"

Multiple Income Streams for Artists

Daniel Sharp

Former Arts Outreach Lead | Kickstarter

Getting Paid For Your Art Before You Start, With Crowdfunding

Paul Dorrell

Author of Living the Artist’s Life | Leopold Gallery

Creative Financing for Artists

Here's how it works

Cohort-based Courses
A New Type of Online Course

Active Learning by Doing

Every week we release a new workshop, mindset lectures, and facilitate an intimate workshop-style session: with peer feedback and break out discussions to implement together.

Learn with a Cohort of Peer Artists

You'll be working with a small group of up to 15 fellow artists, all building towards the same transformation together.

Accountability and Feedback

Ever felt like you were procrastinating on the business side of your art? We walk together step by step so that you can see real time results instead of being left behind.

Plenty of time to review on your own

Eight weeks of focused action will build your foundation. We give you the A through Z of the business and career side of art, with 1 year access to all instructional materials.


After taking this course, you’ll be able to grow an online audience that buys your work, show your work with artists you admire, and become a gallery-represented artist. You will leave with a clear roadmap to becoming the recognized professional artist you always dreamed of being.

PART 1: Professionalize Your Profile

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WEEK 1: Talking

Objective: Talk about your art with confidence


You’ve been creating your latest art project for more than a year and still when your family asks, “What are you working on?” you don’t know what to say. Or you serendipitously meet a curator and when they turn to you and say, “What do you do?” you’re tongue-tied.

A good introduction is a concise, compelling description of you and your latest project—and is the basis for all your marketing and connecting the world with your art. It sounds so simple! But it’s not easy. If crafting those few sentences that convey who you are and what you do hasn’t been a breeze for you, you’re not alone.

In this lively workshop, Public speaking coach and author of The Artist's Guide to Grant Writing, Gigi Rosenberg, will show you how to distill years of work on a project into a memorable hook that has many uses: virtual introductions, videos, in-person meetings, grant applications, follow-up calls with the funder, bio statements, press packets, and more.

What we cover

This session answers questions like:

  • How do you condense years of work on a project into a sentence or two?
  • What’s important to emphasize?
  • How do you begin and end?
  • What if you have several projects in the works?
  • How do I look and sound my best in person, on the phone or in an online meeting?

Additional Assets:

  • 4-pages of follow-along worksheets so you can start to create your introduction
  • 8-page PDF guide to elevator speeches, “How to introduce yourself with grace and authority” which includes artwork from all the featured artists


  • Introduction
  • How to look and sound your best online or on video
  • Step-by-step creation of content to include in your elevator speech
  • Real-life examples of artist introductions and teaching by example why these work
  • The Take Away

Mindset Lectures: Entrepreneurial Mindset for Artists

  • Business Mindset: when it helps, and when it can hurt you (3:13)
  • Ownership: managing your own art career (3:41)
  • Be So Good They Can't Ignore You (2:43)
  • Using Empowering Keywords (5:36)

Includes 45 minute Live implementation workshop

WEEK 2: Writing

Objective: Perfect your professional writings


Learn how to express your work and what you stand for in writing. From polishing an artist statement you (finally!) feel strong about, to making your bio memorable, to knowing what to do with your non-art background in your resume. Let the author of the book on this topic guide you, and use her fill-in-the-blanks templates for a head start.

What we cover

  • Introduction (4:31)
  • Why Does Writing Matter? (8:43)
  • Artist Statement (30:18)
  • Bio (5:19)
  • CV or Resumé (2:40)
  • Press Release (4:43)
  • Email Etiquette (6:36)
  • Applications & Proposals (10:23)
  • The Take Away (4:28)

Mindset Lectures: Productivity & Prolificness

  • The 80 20 Principle (6:51)
  • Parkinson's Law: how work expands to fit the time you have (3:20)
  • Daily habits that build your destiny (7:21)
  • You are not a widget factory: optimizing for states of being (7:22)
  • How much time do you need to make great art every week? (5:57)
  • The Time Audit (2:02)
  • Carving out your ideal "nest" of weekly hours (3:35)
  • BONUS: Design & establish your ideal morning & evening routine

Includes 45 minute Live implementation workshop

WEEK 3: Website

Objective: Polish your artist website so that it converts into leads and sales


This module boils down 20 years of website building experience into the few principles and tactics that matter most for a visual artist -- even if you are not tech-savvy at all.

You will understand how to create the two key outcomes that matter: raising your credibility, and converting visitors into subscribers or collectors.

Through this module, you will create a clear vision for an artist website that makes both you and your work shine. You can then follow the simple steps to bring that vision to life.

When you complete this module, you'll have a fully updated professional artist website you feel proud of. You won’t be shy anymore when people ask to see your art on their phone, or when submitting applications to prestigious international calls for artists.

Everything about your website will clearly state, “I am a professional artist. Here is my work. You can buy now or join my private list.”

What we cover

  • Introduction (3:12)
  • Disclaimer (1:09)
  • Why (5:40)
  • Domain Name & Hosting (5:00)
  • Front End & Back End (4:30)
  • Types of Artist Websites (17:14)
  • Credibility (9:20)
  • Website Areas (20:29)
  • Maintenance (1:55)
  • The Takeaway (2:31)

Mindset Lectures: Navigating Uncertainty

  • The Power of Testing (5:10)
  • How to make uncertainty benefit you (5:35)
  • Rejection & Failure (4:41)
  • Why mindfulness is specially important for artists (1:58)
  • Your unique entrepreneurial path: make a plan, but be ready to burn it (3:18)

Includes 45 minute Live implementation workshop

PART 2: Grow Your Audience ONline

WEEK 4: Email

Objective: Get your first 100 email subscribers then grow into the thousands


What is the #1 channel to sell art online? It’s not social media… it’s” good old email”. Email is what people with disposable income still use every day. And it allows you to build a one-on-one relationship with your followers in their private inbox.

In this module, you will learn how to build an email list like a pro. You will stop any amateur practices you may have fallen into (which sometimes are illegal without you knowing it).

You will end this module having gained your first 100 subscribers in a week, with specific strategies to multiply your growth into the thousands of subscribers. You will also have a defined frequency that works for you to connect with your private email list that includes opportunities for them to buy your work -- while making them feel special.

What we cover

  • Introduction (3:52)
  • Disclaimer (0:25)
  • What, Why & How (8:21)
  • Setting Up Your Email Service Provider (14:00)
  • Setting Up Your Email Collection Form (5:42)
  • Your Call to Action (3:23)
  • Your 1st Subscriber (3:02)
  • Your First 100 Subscribers (15:19)
  • Strategies To Scale (19:36)
  • What to write (11:29)
  • What to write - The Triple Waterfall
  • How To Monetize (18:01)
  • The Takeaway (4:33)

Mindset Lectures: Decision Making

  • Making decisions: how to make the right choice (3:33)
  • Avoid dilemmas: think in circles & colors (Venn diagrams) (3:20)
  • Location: why it matters and why it doesn't (1:50)
  • Goal Setting VS Process Orientation (7:05)

Includes 45 minute Live implementation workshop

WEEK 5: Instagram

Objective: Accelerate your weekly Instagram follower growth


Would you like to 10x your Instagram following? If you have been struggling to get traction, chances are you need to change the way you are using social media.

In this module, social media influencer and artist Dina Brodsky will share what steps to follow so you can get all the benefits of Instagram as a professional artist while avoiding the pitfalls of screen addiction.

After finishing this module, you’ll know how to self-audit your Instagram profile and fix what is broken. You will receive plenty of examples of great posts whose style you can model the next time you share your work.

You will also understand the specific do’s and don’ts of what makes people stop scrolling, what makes them like and comment, and how you can best take advantage of the algorithms to maximize your exposure.

Finally, you’ll be able to harness the power of networking on Instagram and create new opportunities in your art career. This module includes a “cheat sheet” of Instagram accounts you can approach to get featured to hundreds of thousands of their followers.

What we cover

  • Introduction (6:04)
  • Making People Stop (1:51)
  • Making People Stay (6:39)
  • Engagement (5:58)
  • Hashtags (6:01)
  • Hashtags: banned & branded hashtags (1:43)
  • Frequency (1:27)
  • Don't Let This Happen to You (2:14)
  • Connecting with Instagram (7:47)
  • Setting a Strong Foundation (20:47)
  • Starter Boost (3:23)
  • Influencer marketing: after they post your image (3:10)
  • Long-term Opportunities (5:01)
  • The Takeaway (2:31)
  • Instagram Inspiration: Sample Posts
  • Instagram Influencer Accounts (bonus resource to speed up your follower growth)
  • Instagram Bio: copywriting that works

Mindset Lectures: Resourcefulness & Connection Types

  • The Rodriguez List: making the most out of all you've got (3:57)
  • Multiplying opportunity: HUBS (5:09)
  • Multiplying opportunity: IDEAS (3:31)
  • Multiplying opportunity: PEOPLE (4:38)
  • Your artist friends: the 5 chimps theory (4:22)
  • Start Strong ties: your support community (3:38)
  • Start Weak ties: your network (5:08)

Includes 45 minute Live implementation workshop

PART 3: Show Your Work OFFline

WEEK 6: Shows

Objective: Learn how to organize successful group shows with other artists you admire


Imagine you could show your work next to artists you admire who are 10 years ahead of you in their art career. Would you say yes? This module will break down in minute detail how to make that happen instead of just hoping for a lucky break.

Artist-curator Rosalind Davis has organized more than a hundred shows. In this module, she will share with you the blueprint to go from obscurity to newspaper mentions. You’ll learn not only how to book the right venue and persuade the right artists but also how to promote the show in social media and press releases for a full house opening.

Once you finish this module, you will have full confidence to level up your artist profile and show your work alongside artists who used to intimidate you. You will stop waiting to “be discovered”. You will understand how to have gallery directors, critics, and other art professionals come to meet you instead of you knocking on their door.

What we cover

  • Introduction (2:13)
  • Vision & Objectives (20:04)
  • Planning (43:42)
  • Promotion (17:22)
  • During The Show (8:00)
  • After The Show (13:25)
  • Thank You (0:21)
  • Slides from Group Show Blueprint
  • Templates: Exhibition Proposal, Press Release, Consignment Agreement, etc.

Mindset Lectures: Get Unstuck Through The Problem Solving Formula

  • The 4 step formula to solve any problem (6:33)

Apply the 4 step formula to one problem you are facing:

  • DEFINE (DRAW) (4:44)
  • ANALIZE (CUT) (7:14)
  • PROPOSE (IMAGINE) (5:32)
  • ACTION (ACT) (2:32)

Includes 45 minute Live implementation workshop

WEEK 7: Galleries

Objective: Discover how to get represented by one or more galleries that sell your work


What makes the difference between loving or hating your relationship with your gallery?

And, how do you get into a gallery in the first place?

Whether you prefer to market your own work or would rather have someone else take care of it, having the right gallery representation offers you a ticket to higher sales and recognition.

In this module, multi-gallery owner Jason Horejs, author of How to Get Into a Gallery, breaks down his strategy for finding, courting, and signing your dream galleries.

Whether you don’t have gallery representation right now or you want to expand into more galleries (maybe outside your area or even your country), you will end this module with a crystal-clear roadmap of how to find and secure new galleries that sell your work. No more excuses.

What we cover