I, , Member of the P.A.A., stand by these values:

Artistic Integrity

We, the members of the Professional Artists' Association, affirm our unwavering belief in the transformative power of creativity. Art is not just our craft; it is our language, our struggle, and our legacy. Commerce serves an important purpose, but is secondary to the sacredness of the creative act.

Professionalism and Respect

Our communications are marked by professionalism, free from judgment, and driven by a sincere interest in understanding. This approach ensures our interactions are respectful, both in intent and execution, fostering constructive dialogue and work interactions.

Sustainability in Our Craft

We recognize our dual responsibility to the environment and to the source of our creativity. Our approach to sustainable practices, materials, and work rhythms is guided by a dedication to reducing harm, while enhancing the vitality and longevity of our creative practice.

Solidarity among Artists

In a world that often pits creatives against each other by manufacturing fake scarcity and status games, we stand together in solidarity. We support each other’s growth, celebrate each other’s successes, and foster an abundant mindset of creating new opportunities out of thin air.

Light of Diversity

We celebrate the multitude of voices, styles, and experiences within our community, recognizing that our collective richness is essential to the vibrancy of the art world. We understand the creative spark transcends our time-bound bodies and cultural contexts. Thus, we set aside judgment in favor of curiosity, and warmly welcome all artwork and artists that bring more light to the world.

Commitment to Excellence

In our pursuit of artistic excellence, we dedicate ourselves to continuous learning, experimentation, and refinement of our craft.

Lifelong Learning

Our journey as artists involves an ongoing commitment to growth, staying abreast of industry shifts, technological advances, and relevant trends. Though our art may be timeless, we welcome change, confident that ongoing education illuminates new paths and possibilities, enriching our practice and the depth of our work.

This manifesto serves as a declaration of our values, aspirations, and commitments. As members of the Professional Artist Association, we proudly uphold these principles, fostering an art world that is inclusive, progressive, and reflective of the profound role art plays in human experience.