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part 1 of 3: Mindset

You only need 12 loyal collectors

part 2 of 3: Strategy

Where to find potential collectors

part 3 of 3: Tactics

How to start relationships with the potential collectors you found

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Are you a painter, sculptor or fine art photographer doing “OK” but not yet “GREAT”?

♻️ In 12 months we will help you build recurring art income, an audience of pre-sold art buyers, and custom collaborations so your most expensive art is sold for you.

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  • ⏳ spending all your artmaking time on marketing
  • 🤯 figuring out everything by yourself
  • 😨 feeling insecure, timid or lost because you want to avoid a “faux pas”

So that you can:

  • 📊 have regular income VS sporadic sales or relying on luck
  • 💼 lose the need for the side job
  • ✈️ have total freedom for your art making, quality materials & travel

If you are an ambitious visual artist with no time to waste… schedule a free Discovery Call below:

  1. You’ll answer a few questions about the business side of your art
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  • 🛣️ Custom Roadmap: step by step blueprints to hit your goals so you can stop self-doubt
  • 👩‍💼 1x1 art business coach: unlimited feedback at your fingertips in less than 24h
  • 🆘 Board of Advisors: weekly Q&A calls with top industry experts to solve your problems

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This is the kind of handpicked advisory team that only celebrity artists have access to - because there is no one "guru" that knows it all.

But we only invite artists that we have the conviction we can help get results.

Everything can change when you have the right plan and the support to turn it into reality.

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