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Sandy McDermott

Are you a fine artist doing “OK” but not yet “GREAT”?

Double your monthly income in 12m using the Art Income Tripod™ framework:


  • ⏳ spending all your artmaking time on marketing
  • 🤯 doing everything by yourself
  • 😨 feeling insecure, timid or lost because you want to avoid a “faux pas”

So that you can:

  • 📊 have a more regular income VS sporadic sales or luck
  • 💼 lose the need for the side job
  • 🆓 have more freedom for your art making, quality materials & travel

If you are an ambitious visual artist that has no time to waste, then apply for a Clarity Call above:

  1. You’ll answer a few questions about the business/career side of your art in a brief application
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  • 🛣️ Custom Roadmap: step by step blueprints to hit your goals so you can stop self-doubt
  • 👩‍💼 1x1 art business coach: unlimited feedback at your fingertips in less than 24h
  • 🆘 Board of Advisors: 48 Q&A calls with top industry experts to solve your problems

Imagine how much more confident would you feel if you could always hop on a call with... 

You would stop doubting yourself, and start taking effective action

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This is the kind of handpicked advisory team that only celebrity artists have access to

-- because there is no one "guru" that knows it all.

But we only invite artists we have conviction we can help get results with our proven methods.

Everything can change when you have the right plan and the support to turn it into reality.

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As Promised... Here Is Your Free Training:

Now that you have learned what the 5 steps are in the training above, if you feel you’re ready to LEVEL UP the business side of your art, then apply now to see how we can help you accelerate your growth…

Our Faculty has been featured in or worked with...

Are you an emerging artist looking to build your reputation while selling more of your work?

Maybe you’re a “second career” artist who is ready to go pro -- but feeling overwhelmed about where to start. 

Or perhaps you’ve put your art on the back burner for years and finally have the time again -- but so much is new, you feel like you’ll never be able to catch up. 

Whether or not you went to art school... 

… nobody ever taught you the business part of being a professional artist.


  • Having the confidence to “put yourself out there” and share your work widely
  • Bringing in enough art-based earnings to finally quit your day job
  • Knowing that your work is priced appropriately (and watching it sell!)
  • Exhibiting in galleries and museums alongside other artists you admire
  • Meeting collectors who look forward to buying your latest work
  • Teaching art from anywhere in the world, wherever you live or travel
  • Connecting with the biggest influencers in your field, who promote you to their audience for FREE
  • Making a much bigger impact with your art

Shreya Mehta

Sold over $25,000 in artworks over just three months.

Steve Munro

Got gallery representation when all seemed lost.

Sally Strand

Earned $2,950 in her first month teaching online.

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