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Getting Ready for Gallery Representation

How Painters, Sculptors, and Fine Art Photographers are Building Steady, More Predictable Art Sales
and Gaining Wider Visibility for Their Work -- No MFA Degree or Art World Connections Required

Exclusive live training on Nov 29th (Tue) @11 AM PST (by region)

  • How to know when you are ready for gallery representation
  • The 3 key assets to prepare before you approach a gallery
  • The #1 mistake artists make that makes them come across as needy (and makes the gallerist immediately lose interest)
  • A predictable strategy to get not one but multiple galleries to represent you
  • How to sell directly online AND through galleries
  • Real examples for each of the lessons so that you can apply it right away
  • Live Q&A with one of our certified Art Business Coaches

Our Faculty has been featured in or worked with...

"I love the way this training was presented - precise, to the point."

Have you been making art for decades - but lately the artworks are piling up instead of getting sold?

Maybe you’re a “second career” artist who is ready to go pro -- but feeling overwhelmed about where to start. 

Or perhaps you’ve put your art on the back burner for years and finally have the time again -- but so much is new, that you feel overwhelmed.

Whether or not you went to art school... 

…nobody ever taught you the business of being a professional artist.


  • Having the confidence to “put yourself out there”
  • Bringing in enough art-based earnings to finally quit your day job
  • Knowing that your work is priced just right (and watching it sell!)
  • Exhibiting in galleries & museums with other artists you admire
  • Meeting collectors who look forward to buying your latest work
  • Getting featured by the biggest influencers in your space 
  • Making a much bigger impact with your art

Shreya Mehta

Sold over $25,000 in artworks over just three months.

Steve Munro

Got gallery representation when all seemed lost.

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"Best investment you'll ever make" (10 figures months)

Alex Bauwens

"Quit my weekend job"

Ash Darq

"I am my own boss" (tripled typical month income)

Lili Flore

"It's been a huge transformation"

Michael Kroetch

"One of the best decisions I've made" ($25,000 in art sales in just three months.)"

Shreya Mehta

"Advise tailored to my specific situation"

Ludovica Chamois

"Absolutely amazed at what I've achieved"

Heather Lewis

"First workshop launched and sold-out"

Lina Faroussi

"Closed $5K worth of commissions"


"Recommend this to anyone who is serious"

Laura Cramer

"Art world people, not just marketers"

Mandy Bankson

"More than doubled the projected goal"

Sally Strand

"A dream come true"

Sieglinde Van Damme

"The more I put into it, the more I got out of it"

Melissa Baron

"Now, not afraid to do it"

Beth Vendryes

"No experience needed"

Carol Updegrave

"Lots Of REAL Information."

100% Free - Limited Seats Available

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